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Monday, May 18, 2015

Data24-7 Integrations

Please check-out the new Data24-7 Integrations page on our website. We're putting together a list of applications and services which are integrated with Data24-7's APIs.

We will dedicate some future blog posts to describing some of these integrations in detail. Our goal is to build and promote a community of these Data24-7-enabled apps and services.

Would you like your application featured on our Integrations page?  Let us know!

Payment Change; Amazon Payments no longer accepted

Starting June 1st, 2015, Data24-7 will no longer be accepting payments via Amazon Payments. If you are currently relying on our Amazon auto-payment service to automatically add funds to your account, it will stop working after this date.

Our new "auto-refill" feature will allow you to set-up automatic payments with PayPal or a credit card. To do this:

  • Log-into your Data24-7 account
  • Choose "Add Funds" under the Payments menu
  • Select PayPal or Credit Card, and choose a payment amount
  • Check the box labeled, "Automatically re-charge this amount whenever my balance falls below", and enter the desired minimum balance amount.
  • Continue to make the payment as normal.