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Thursday, April 10, 2014

We’ve been working hard over the past few months.
Let us introduce the latest changes here at Data24-7:

Address24-7 - Effective immediately, we’ve cut the price of our Address24-7 product by two-thirds, from $0.12 to $0.04 per successful query!

Our Address24-7 product has always allowed you to specify a phone number and get the associated address back. Now, you have the option of providing an address instead, and getting back the phone number (now with an additional do-not-call list indicator). The new changes allow Address24-7 to be used for multiple purposes:
  • Verifying a postal address
  • Getting the phone number associated with a postal address
  • Getting the postal address associated with a phone number
  • Determining whether a phone number appears on the USA National do-not-call list.
The new rate of $0.04 applies for all types of Address24-7 queries.

Data24-7 is now a subsidiary of Kasteris Corporation. This is simply a legal change; the ownership and management team is still the same as before.

For those interested in true SMS text messaging, our new website, is almost ready for business. features include low pricing (as low as a penny per message), your own “from” phone number, a webmail-style interface for sending and receiving messages, and “voice texting”. We’ll send out a new email when is open for business, but in the meantime we’d appreciate any comments such as your possible use cases for this product, suggestions, etc.

As always, we at Data24-7 are dedicated to helping our customers with all of their data needs. Please feel free to contact us with your company's individual needs, and we'll do our best to accomodate you.