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Monday, April 23, 2012

Lots of Changes

Here's the scoop on the latest changes at Data24-7:

1. API 2.0 - This new version of our API contains many improvements, including the following:
2. Brand New Products and services:
  • IP24-7 - Look-up geolocation data (city, state, longitude, latitude, zipcode) from IP addresses.
  • ZIP24-7 - Look-up geolocation data from US zip codes.
  • Coming soon - enhancements to Email24-7 - access to more data.
  • More exciting products are on their way . . . 
3. Price Changes:
  • Starting May 1st, the price for Email24-7 transactions will increase to $0.006 each.
  • Effective immediately, the price for Carrier24-7 transactions will decrease to $0.006 each.
. . . stay tuned, more products are coming soon!