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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Introducing GIT24-7

Data24-7 is rolling-out a brand new service, GIT24-7.

GIT stands for Greeting Interrupt Tone, and the new service will return the touch-tone key(s) you need to press in order to interrupt a wireless phone's voicemail greeting and get straight to the "beep" to record your message.

Most wireless phone carriers provide a key for interrupting the voicemail greetings, but there's no standard key to press; it varies for each carrier. If you press the wrong key for that carrier, you often end-up in the middle of a voicemail sub-menu such as "please enter your PIN to log-in", and you have to hang-up and try again.

GIT24-7 allows you to instantly look-up the correct greeting interrupt tones, so you can save time and phone charges.

 Like with our other services, it can be accessed via API, file-upload, or manually through the website.

The price for the service:  $0.006 per phone number, plus our regular $12 per month membership fee.