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Saturday, September 18, 2010

New API Document

We've made some improvements to the technical document for our API. The biggest change is the addition of the new API call for Carrier24-7, our international carrier-lookup product.

Here's a link to it:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back (Big Changes in our International Carrier Lookup Support)

We have some exciting news to report, and some unfortunate news as well:

The Unfortunate News
We are no longer supporting Local Number Portability (LNP) for Canadian phone numbers. The reason is a new law which makes the LNP information very restrictive. Data24-7 is trying to go through the proper channels to get LNP reinstated for Canada, and we'll let you know if and when this happens.  What this means for customers is that if a Canadian subscriber ports their existing phone number to a different carrier, our service will still return the original carrier. 

The Exciting News:
Data24-7 is pleased to announce that our Carrier Lookup service (which we now call "Carrier24-7") now supports over 220 countries! That means you can look-up the carrier for virtually any phone number in the world! And with the exception of Canada (see the unfortunate news above), we support local number portability (LNP) in every one of these countries which has it implemented. 

Keep in mind that there is a very similar but separate API call to use when looking-up phone numbers in countries other than the USA/Canada. 

As you may already be aware, our Text@ service is built on top of our carrier-lookup service. So now that Carrier24-7 supports all of these countries our next task will be to start compiling the email-to-SMS and email-to-MMS gateway addresses for some of these other countries so they can be used for Text@.  

If you are a Text@ customer with an urgent need for service in one or more of these new countries, let us know, and we'll bump-up the priority for your desired countries. 

The complete list of supported countries can be found here:

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Data24-7 blog is born!

The purpose of this blog is to keep Data24-7 customers (and potential customers) informed about what we're up to. It'll include information about our services and how to use them effectively, and sometimes sneak previews of what's on our roadmap for the future. If there are any topics that you'd like to see in a blog post, let us know. Thanks.